Legiocon VIII 02/2011

February 18-20th, 2011

Friday February 18, 1600-2200

Saturday Feb 19, 0900-2200

Sunday Feb 20, 0900-1800

Legiocon Eight Schedule

CFB Winnipeg 660 Whytewold Road (Wihuri) Community Center (Westwin), Winnipeg MB

Buy and Sell, Dealer Tables, Auction and door prizes, Concession Stand

Admission Price

Friday $3
Saturday $6
Sunday $5
Weekend Pass: 10$

Dealer tables
Admission cost and $20 of merchandise for door prizes (tables subject to availability)

Buy and Sell Tables
Admission cost and $20 for weekend (tables subject to availability)

Want to run a game?
Games will be scheduled on in three hour blocks, book as many as needed.  More tables can be added, but number is limited.