Legiocon VII 09/2010

September 24-26, 2010
  • Friday Sept 24, 1600-2200
  • Saturday Sept 25, 0900-220
  • Sunday Sept 26, 0900-1800
Age Requirement: We are instituting an age requirement this year; children 12 years of age or under must be accompanied by a responsible person (defined as 16 years of age or older) while attending Legiocon.  This is done for the safety of all patrons and to aid in the smooth running of the convention. 

Location: CFB Winnipeg 660 Whytewold Road (Wihuri) Recreation Center Gymnasium, Winnipeg MB
Buy and Sell, Dealer Tables, Auction and door prizes!  Concession Stand!
Admission Price:
  • Friday $2
  • Saturday $5
  • Sunday $5

Slot Times


A: 1600-2200

B: 0900-1200
Lunch: 1200-1300
C: 1300-1500 (1200 Start Times allowed)
D: 1500-1800
Supper: 1800-1900
E: 1900-2200 (1800 Start Times allowed)

F: 0900-1200
Lunch: 1200-1300
G: 1300-1500 (1200 Start times allowed)
H: 1500-1800

Dealer tables
Admission cost and $20 of merchandise for door prizes (tables subject to availability)

Buy and Sell Tables
Admission cost and $20 for weekend (tables subject to availability)

Want to run a game?
Games will be scheduled on in three hour blocks, book as many as needed.  More tables can be added, but number is limited.