Friday Black Powder

 17 Wing put on a teaching game of Black Powder. The figures were mostly Old Glory in this French vs British game. Some Austrians had to substitue for British as there was a shortage of figures (moslty Old Glory 15).  There will be a longer write up once the game masters submit one.

Friday and Saturday 6 Gun Sound

Using a variet of 25mm Old Glory? figures, the Wild West 6 Gun Sound game palayed with some unexpected zombies. A game master blurb is in the wind soon?

Legiocon VI Sat AK 47

 Using an assortment of 15mm figures, 3 games of AK47 Colonial wars were played. Though, we are still waiting for a blurb from the game master who put on an excellent show.

Legiocon VI Saturday WW2

The game was 20mm WW2 - Eastern Front.  The scenerio revolves loosely around historical events that occurred in the summer of 1943 in the Ukraine.  Partisans along with some Russian regulars infiltrated about 10 kilometers behind German lines and briefly seized control of a bridge at a sleepy Russian village.  They then radioed (in clear, not code) to the Regular Russian units that they had the bridge.  The Regular Russian units (from the front) quickly sent a tank regiment of 44 T-34s through a hidden ravine that the partisans knew of to get to the bridge.  The Germans where always monitoring the Partisan radio frequencies and intercepted the message.  They then hastily sent the only reserves they could spare: a training company made up of veteran instructors and some green recruits as well as a few tanks from a nearby regimental repair shop.
Historically, the Germans raced down the road and quickly flushed the partisans and whatever light Regular Russian units that were with them out of the town.  They barely had time after that to turn and deploy to face the Russian tank regiment that came spilling out of a ravine at a full charge.  The Russian tank regiment was,amazingly,completely destroyed with minimal German losses.

Legiocon VI Saturday Warhammer 40K

Saturday Warhammer 40K


Thanks to everyone who came out to support the war-gaming community at LegioconVI over the weekend. We had a Fantastic 24,000 pt Apocalypse Battle on a 12x6 ft table. We managed all 6 rounds in less than 8hrs and 5 pizzas. Titans, Super heavy Tanks, legions of infantry & Dreadnaughts falling from the Sky. Both sides locked in combat in an attempt to seize the Fortress of Redemption in the center. The Objective was heavily fortified, only accessible from 2 small bridges over a wide river on either side.


Sat and Sun Games

There wwas an assortment of other games palyed, of which, we didn't get enough photos of to do them justice. If you have more photos or a blurb, please submit them via the site email.


We are looking for additional pictures of;




Zombie Wars,

and Check your 6


Legiocon VI Sunday Warhammer

On the last day of Legiocon VI, 14 hobbyists came together at noon to take part in a huge Warhammer gaming event. It was a classic case of Us versus Them! Garth Bowman of Maxx Collectibles and Mark Gruener from the Games Workshop Hobby Center organised a friendly challenge for their regular customers; come out with a 1500 point Warhammer army and as a team claim more victories than the rival store!

The Team with the most victories after two rounds would have the privilege of bragging rights! And have had the chance to play with some great folks they don`t usually play.

Once everyone was ready, we matched up a GW hobbyist against a Maxx Collectibles hobbyist and with introductions and greetings finished the battles began!

The first round was great fun as the players quickly developed battle plans against players and armies they hadn`t seen before. But it was the GW hobbyists that were better prepared and swept the first round 5 games to 0!

For round two the Maxx Collectables hobbyists were now warmed up and ready to deal some damage to the lead established the by GW players. After the arrival of two more gamers, one from each group and some table shuffling, round two began. Both groups moved 2 tables to their left and took up positions opposite a new challenger.

The second round was played as hard as the first by both sides and in the end the Maxx Collectibles      

Hobbyists claimed 2 victories but the day was to go to the GW hobbyists as they claimed another 3 victories for a final score of 8 to 2!


I`d like to thank Garth Bowman, for coming up with the basic idea, Bryan from Legions IV Hire and Steve from 17 Wing Gaming club for inviting us to participate. I would also like to thank all of the hobbyists who came out to join us. This couldn`t have happened with you.


Mark Gruener