Legiocon VI 02/2010

Thanks to everyone who attended. The convention was a success with approximately 70 paid admissions. There was a wide variety of games with over a dozen different types played. We are still waiting for photo contributions. If you have any pictures from the games, please send them along with a brief blurb.
I would like to personally thank Garth from Maxx Collectibles and Mark from Games Workshop for their support. Also, thanks to John from Pendragon Hobbies for his donations to the door prize and Steve from the 17 Wing Strategy Gaming Club for hosting the show.
We are already planning next year's shows.
Bryan Gwiazda
Legions IV Hire
February 19-21 2010

CFB Winnipeg 660 Whytewold Road (Wihuri) Recreation Center Gymnasium, Winnipeg MB

Legiocon Six Schedule

Slot Times


A: 1600-2200

B: 0900-1200
C: 1200-1300
D: 1300-1500
E: 1500-1800
F: 1800-1900
G: 1900-2200

H: 0900-1200
I: 1200-1300
J: 1300-1500
K: 1500-1800

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