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Two Weeks till Legiocon!

posted Sep 14, 2010, 9:36 AM by Legions IV Hire Convention   [ updated Sep 14, 2010, 10:04 AM ]
Hi folks, figured I'd put up a little update to let you know how things are going on our side of Legiocon.

We're only two weeks away and we're still getting applications to run games!  We aren't complaining about the workload, in fact we're ecstatic that so many people are volunteering their time to run a game at Legiocon.  If you still haven't submitted your application, make sure you do it soon, our space is filling up!

Due to some concern, we have instituted a mandatory age requirement for Legiocon, namely that children 12 years of age or under shall be accompanied by a responsible person (16 years of age or older) to ensure their safety, and the safety of the other attendees at Legiocon.  We're hoping this makes the convention a better experience for everyone, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We're very excited about the Warhammer tournaments, as the 40k tournament will be scored differently than usual, and this will be the first time the 8th edition WHFB rules make an appearance at Legiocon. It should be interesting to see how things turn out.  There's still some space available for the tournaments, avoid the first come first serve on the day of the tournament by pre-registering today!

We're also very happy to see the number of games where supplies will be provided, since we believe that part of the hobby is introducing the joy of miniature wargaming to others.  The Heroscape games for example, will be run using pre-built armies supplied by a generous volunteer, and will start with some introductory games, followed by a tournament!  Bring your best army, or take one of the supplied ones, and compete in a fun and friendly atmosphere! Wings of War, on Friday evening, is a fun, fast paced game that can be learned in five minutes, and just like Heroscape, all materials to play the game will be provided.  If you're new to the hobby, be sure to make time to check out these two games!

Finally, some publicity for new games making their way into our schedule.  Our Mordheim GMs have been very generous, and will be running the intense medieval fantasy squad game of brutal city fighting for not one, but two days, with an extended Saturday slot.  Talisman 4th edition is making an appearance as well, and it's coming fully loaded with every expansion for the game so far! Magic: The Gathering is also making a return to Legiocon, so dust off your deck and get ready to throw down against other master wizards in this fast paced collectible card game of magic and intrigue.

So you can see we're cooking up some great stuff in two weeks!
We hope you can make it down to see all these games live in action at Legiocon!