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Air Warfare Takes Off at Legiocon

posted Aug 18, 2010, 8:25 AM by Legions IV Hire Convention   [ updated Aug 18, 2010, 7:57 PM ]
The skies will be filled with the roar of propellers and the scream of jet turbines at Legiocon Seven!  We're not sure if it is the venue's proximity to an airbase, but we already have four games of intense aerial action scheduled for the convention, covering a large swath of aerial history up to the modern age.  So what are you waiting for Maverick?  Get out your aviators and leather bomber jacket, throw on a flying scarf and swagger on down to Legiocon Seven, Sept 24th 25th and 26th at the 17 Wing Recreation Complex!

The action starts on Friday with "Wings of War",  an engagingly simple dogfighting game set during the Great War.  Come on down to see Spads and Camels battle it out with Albatrosses' and TriPlanes, or hop into the pilot seat and take to the skies in this beginner friendly game!

For World War II enthusiasts, a game of "Check Your Six" (CY6!) will be run on Saturday.  Mission details are currently hazy, but expect a conflict between the glorious might of the Soviet Union Red Army Air Force and the Reich's Premier fighter squadrons of the Luftwaffe, as they clash in bitter dogfights in a desperate attempt to wrestle air superiority from the other.

The Korean War saw jet fighters make their first true impact on aerial combat, and Sunday's game will showcase that, as nimble MiG-15 fighters attempt to shoot down the outdated but still deadly B-29 SuperFortress bomber.  The bombers are sitting ducks, but pack a punch with defensive weaponry, and are of course escorted by fighter aircraft piloted by hardened combat veterans of World War II.  The game uses the "Check Your Six: Jet Age" ruleset.

The third game launching from our Flight Deck is "Air War:C21", a game detailing the high speed and lightning fast nature of modern jet combat.  Players will be in control of modern fighters, and will engage in a specially prepared scenario in a hypothetical "East meets West" conflict.  Bring your G-Suit and a full load of flares and chaff, the modern age is exemplified by the deadly air to air missile, positioning still matters, but ranges are extended and a single hit usually results in a kill.

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